Mazda CX-5 Audio upgrade

Intip mobil Mazda CX-5 yang baru aja di upgrade sama Cliport Professional Series 6.2 yuk! Abis di upgrade, makin ganteng dan gagah ya. Apalagi ditambah suara audio yang balance dan jernih, makin mantep deh pokoknya!


  • Speaker Cliport Pro Series 6.2
  • Midrange Ramm 3 Studio Reference
  • Amplifier Zapco Z-150.4 Audiophile Series
  • Subwoofer Audible Physics Avatar 10
  • Volt Commander 200Amp
  • Astell & Kern Sp2000T
  • DSP Musway Tune 12
  • Fuse EonLabs
  • Hifi Tunning Cliport
  • 3layer Soundproofing Medium Packages

Upgrade audio mobil dengan Cliport Professional Series 6.2 untuk berkendara yang lebih bermakna!


MItsubishi xpander audio upgrade

Kenalin nih, Om Angga, salah satu tim kita yang kemarin juara, Clipeople.Kata Om Angga, Cliport memang ahli dalam nge treat kuping kita dengan suguhan sound mobil yang mantep! Kita memang sangat memperhatikan setiap detail baik dalam proses instalasi maupun tuning perangkat audio mobil. Cek detail spesifikasinya di bawah ini, Clipeople👇


  • Speaker Cliport Pro Series 6.2
  • Head Unit Alpine iLX – F509
  • Midrange Ap Ram 3 SR
  • DSP Amp Musway M6
  • Amplifier Harmotech 2Ch
  • Subwoofer Ap Avatar 10
  • Vox Volt Commander 200 Amp
  • VCS Power Stabilizer
  • Soundproofing Noise Kill
  • Cable Vox Research x Gotham
  • Eon Labs Fuse
  • Hifi Tuning by Cliport
  • 3 Layer Soundproofing Packages Large

Jika clipeople mempunyai kendaraan mitsubishi xpander dan tergiur untuk upgrade audio mobilnya segera konsultasikan dengan Cliport agar hasilnya jauh melebihi ekspektasi.


Transform Your Drive with the Cliport Professional Series 6.2! 🚗✨

Step into a whole new world of audio excellence with our latest upgrade in the Toyota Innova Reborn. Imagine every drive becoming a symphony of sound. Are you ready to elevate your journey?

With specifications:

  • Speakers: Cliport Pro Series 6.2
  • Subwoofer: Gramond Alpha 10
  • DSP: Zevox 8.4 AMP MKII
  • Amplifier: Zevox ZA 100.4 AB
  • HiFi Tuning: by Cliport

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Don’t miss out on the ultimate sound experience! Click the link in our bio to consult with us and make your car audio dreams a reality, Clipeople!


Luxury in Every Detail and Harmony in Every Note

Transform your Toyota Vellfire with the latest audio upgrade, featuring the Cliport Pro Series 6.2 speaker system. Each journey is not just about reaching your destination, but about experiencing a symphony that delights the ears.

With specifications:

  • Speakers: Cliport Pro Series 6.2
  • Subwoofer: ZEVOX 10 INC
  • Amplifier: Zevox ZA 100.8 
  • HiFi Tuning: by Cliport

Upgrade your car’s audio system with Cliport, where Superior Sound Quality Meets Unforgettable Journeys 🚘


Recently worked on at Cliport, Toyota Innova Zenix Hybrid, which brings high-quality sound to every drive!

With specifications:

  • Front speaker 3-Way Cliport Pro Series 6.2 x Midrange Nanotec NMR-01
  • Rear Speaker 2-Way Morel Tempo Ultra 602 MKII
  • DSP AMP Mapletech IDA-12.830
  • Monoblock Amplifier Rockford Fosgatet750X1BD
  • Subwoofer Rockford Fosgate R2SD4-10
  • 3 Layer Soundproofing Packages 
  • Cable Pack (Fuse, Speaker Cable, RCA, etc.)
  • Hifi Tunning by Cliport

Consult, install, and tune your car audio only with Cliport for a meaningful driving experience!

audio upgrade Honda all new cr-v hybrid

Our recently work Honda All New CR-V Hybrid audio upgrade! Experience the power of crystal-clear sound with dynamic 12-speaker surround system featuring Cliport Pro Series.
Check out the full specifications below for an unparalleled journey.🚗🔊

  • Add on Hires Media Player Alpine UTX-M06
  • Speaker Cliport Pro Series 6.2 Front Seat & Rear Seat
  • Center & Surround Speaker Bose
  • Subwoofer JL Audio W6V2
  • DSP Amplifier Helix V-Eight
  • Monoblock Amplifier Audison SR 1.500
  • Soundproofing Vibrofilter
  • Cliport Hifi Tunning

Transform your driving experience with the symphony of sound, and make your journey more meaningful by upgrading your audio system with us🎶 Click the link in our bio for the consultation, Clipeople!